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Finally bought the retail verison of Megpoid English and decided to do a quick song with it. Was aiming for a club song feel but somehow ended up making psy-trance instead. Please enjoy.
→pH1 (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)

s k aI

The demo version of Megpoid English came out the other day so I gave it a spin and made the following:
→SKY -hiyoko stage- (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)


Here’s a new song that’s kind of chiptune-sounding. I made it in order to cheer on Tone Rion, who hasn’t gotten all that many songs. Please enjoy.
→Secret Stage (sm17841979) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

miku no hi

( Originals and Remix )

Happy Miku day everyone! I hope those of you who watched the two VOCALOID concerts enjoyed them!
In celebration for today and the three days leading up to it, I decided to polish up some of my songs and do a quadruple release! As some of you may know, I apparently won the Vocalekt [...]