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Alright, a promo video for Kesa no Koibanashi, which comes with a sneak peak at the songs included in the CD, has been uploaded. Please enjoy.


Well, today marks the one year anniversary of IA’s arrival, so I made a new song (man, haven’t made any IA solo songs in some time now…) and it’s also trance(?) this time, although it’s kind of darker and grittier than before. Please enjoy!
→through these eyes (niconico) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)


Oh man, I totally haven’t updated this page in months… Well, a lot has happened…
Well, first off, I went to Anime Expo 2012 and got to meet Tamiyasu Tomoe in person! To welcome her, I made a song called makinano using VOICEROID+ Tamiyasu Tomoe and handed it to her on a CD at the [...]


I made a new technopop song! This time’s a duet with Miku and IA!
→kuMiAI (sm17492399) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

miku no hi

( Originals and Remix )

Happy Miku day everyone! I hope those of you who watched the two VOCALOID concerts enjoyed them!
In celebration for today and the three days leading up to it, I decided to polish up some of my songs and do a quadruple release! As some of you may know, I apparently won the Vocalekt [...]