Posted on 2012/12/25

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here’s a new song for you! Sorry it’s only a remix and not an original, but I really liked how it turned out.

a starry night LvRb Remix (niconico) (YouTube)

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Posted on 2012/12/17

Hey everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I had kind of slacked off on the webpage updating thing. I was sort of just going to a different live concert each month these past few months.

For September, it was AFA Indonesia. Mainly went to go see LiSA and KOTOKO. KOTOKO’s set list was simply awesome and I jumped around like a maniac when KOTOKO announced that she was going to sing the Kazoku Keikaku opening ><; Unfortunately, I didn't know the local language, so it was kind of hard getting around. However, the live concerts really made up for it.

For October, there were the two Mikupa concerts -- one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. I enjoyed my time in Taiwan a lot more than my time in Hong Kong, although it was much easier to get a good position in the venue for the Hong Kong one (got 6th row or so in the center). For Taiwan, it was a mad battle for vouchers which determined the order you could walk into the concert arena. Ended up losing that battle and getting into the second half of vouchers for my section. Managed to squeeze in to around 10th or 15th row, but all the way to the left. The concerts were pretty good, and the after-parties really made it an awesome experience. Got to meet some famous producers like DECO*27 and sasakure.UK. Also managed to get a ton of the Japanese concert-goers to try some of that 58% sorghum liquor. Let's just say that sasakure took his liquor like a boss, while some of the female cosplayers had, shall we say, very interesting reactions to it. XD; I wrote some more detailed accounts of the concerts in my articles series on Vocaloidism: Mikupa Hong Kong and Taiwan, Part One.

For November, there was Anime Festival Asia 2012 in Singapore. And for some bizarre run of good luck, I managed to score front row and center for my two friends and I. There was a good amount of space in front of the front-most row, so my friend and I had a great amount of exercise shooting wotagei. XD; Hachioji’s set was also pretty awesome, and people probably thought I was having an epileptic seizure dancing to Weekender Girl, hehe. I also went to see Marble Collection. Well, to be more precise, I bought VIP tickets for that to see the Ginyu Force wotagei squad. They weaved them into the entire presentation really well, so I actually enjoyed the whole thing. Shooting from the edge of the seating area in sync with them was also pretty fun. XD; I also wrote an article on Vocaloidism about the VOCALOID-related stuff at the event: VOCALOID at Anime Festival Asia 2012

Lastly, while we’re on the topic of concerts, I actually had one of my songs played at a concert. Okay, so it was played only as an intro song as people filed in for VocaNoIro, but it was pretty neat. I used ToneRion and Hatsune Miku and had them sing this song called “Welcome to the Future”, because, well, both of them are technically “from the future”. >_>; It was also Rion’s birthday yesterday, so I made a kind-of movie intro looking video for this song as well. Oh and that wasn’t the only song I released recently. Since Propellerhead somehow magically fulfilled my wishes of a dedicated FM synthesizer Rack Extension, I ended up making a quick track called “pixie bloom” with 14 instances of the new PX7 (it’s a Yamaha DX7 clone) and had Miku sing along with it (since her character design is based on the DX series FM synthesizers from Yamaha). Please check out both of these songs if you get a chance!

pixie bloom (niconico) (YouTube)
Welcome to the Future (niconico) (YouTube)


Posted on 2012/09/22

Oh man, I totally haven’t updated this page in months… Well, a lot has happened…

Well, first off, I went to Anime Expo 2012 and got to meet Tamiyasu Tomoe in person! To welcome her, I made a song called makinano using VOICEROID+ Tamiyasu Tomoe and handed it to her on a CD at the con; it was quite fun! I also got to see LiSA and FictionJUNCTION live, doing otagei to oath sign and getting super moved listening to Liminality in person. I also got a very cute surprise on the flight back from LA (which transited through Tokyo).

Next up, I submitted two songs to the OreImo second season ending song contest, where they ask fans to submit songs that could end up in the real show. I submitted two songs, one called Comet Nuke and one called Ion Tail. The former is a cheerful song about friendship, describing Meruru during season 2 of Stardust Witch Meruru, whereas the latter is a sad and forlorn song, the way I imagined Meruru in season 3.

And then, I found out that I actually won an award from Dear Stage with my song Secret Stage as part of the VOCALOID3 Release Commemoration Song Contest. The prize gives me one free entry to Dear Stage as well as a drink, a meal and a photo of one of the idols working there. It’s not a super high level prize but I’m still quite happy about it, since I wasn’t expecting to win anything at all except to get qualified to download galaco. This prize has a catch though, I’d have to go to Japan <_<;

Of course, on August 5, when galaco became available to download, I spent the whole day working with galaco to produce a new song called Cosmic Cruise, which is my first attempt at progressive trance; it's a duet with IA.

Afterwards I um... decided to go to Comiket; it was my second time in Japan and first time to Comiket. I'm so happy I got to meet Blasterhead and Taishi in person, but my bank account wasn't so happy <_<; I also went to Dear Stage for the first time, with mandi-chan as my guide, but ... Rion wasn't there ;_; Oh well...

Last but not least, I made a song for Miku's birthday called 3939555. The song name and lyrics all have references to many things! See if you can spot them.

Oh, and before I forget, I also submitted two songs to collaborators over this time period, but I can't talk about them yet since they're not public yet <_<;

makinano (niconico) (YouTube) (SoundCloud)
→Comet Nuke (niconico)
→Ion Tail (niconico)
Cosmic Cruise (niconico) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)
3939555 (niconico) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)


Posted on 2012/05/16

Here’s a new song that’s kind of chiptune-sounding. I made it in order to cheer on Tone Rion, who hasn’t gotten all that many songs. Please enjoy.
Secret Stage (sm17841979) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

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Posted on 2012/04/08

I made a new technopop song! This time’s a duet with Miku and IA!
kuMiAI (sm17492399) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

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miku no hi

Posted on 2012/03/09

Happy Miku day everyone! I hope those of you who watched the two VOCALOID concerts enjoyed them!

In celebration for today and the three days leading up to it, I decided to polish up some of my songs and do a quadruple release! As some of you may know, I apparently won the Vocalekt Visions 2nd remix contest with a happy hardcore remix of their GUMI track, Overseas Travels. I decided to fix up my entry and uploaded an extended remix version!

I’ve also fixed up the singing in Sing Any Song, since that was kind of too high pitched, and fixed up the mix as well. Recently, I put two new songs on Nico, a trance song with the new VOCALOID3 IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- and a denpa happy hardcore song with Miku using VOCALOID3.

Happy (future?) New Year!

Posted on 2011/12/31

Happy New Year everyone! Celebrate with this new “anime song” sounding VOCALOID track!
Sing Any Song (nm16577648)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)

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Posted on 2011/12/24

Merry Christmas everyone! I tried my hand at making a song using only the hirajoshi pentatonic scale.
mYth fragment ThunderSnake (nm16513932)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)

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Posted on 2011/12/14

I decided to try my hand at Japanese technopop and made a new VOCALOID song. Originally I kind of wanted to enter the 3rd DIVA Arcade song contest, where you could get your song into DIVA Arcade if it won. However, this time they made it that you had to also make a music video for it. Since I had no time to do that, I decided to just upload the song for now. Please have a listen if you got a chance.
eyecATch (nm16427846)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)

Oh yeah, I also entered Vocalekt Visions‘ second remix contest, where I attempted to make a happy hardcore version of their GUMI song, Overseas Travels. If you like, you can take a look at their remix contest website.
Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Remix Contest #2 (my entry)

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Posted on 2011/12/07

Dango Fields (nm16138493)(SoundCloud)
Wow, I guess I finally had a chance to write up a post about the 11/11/11 song I made on the iPad and released on Nico Nico Douga. In the anime (and visual novel) CLANNAD, the lead heroine Nagisa had a penchant for dango, little rice flour balls. In the show (and game), dango were also drawn with cute little eyes and in Japan, people had started using ⑪ to represent them. Hence, I decided to treat 11/11/11 as “dango day” and made a Nagisa-themed arrangement of the background music from CLANNAD. I’d also like to take the chance to explain about my new iPad workflow a bit more and what I learned along the way.


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