Lyrics: zalas
Composition: zalas
Arrangement: zalas
Vocals: Hatsune Miku
Date Created: 2013/09/01

I was trying to go for some cool-sounding mainstream trance but it kind of ended up psy-ish and club-ish in the end :/ This is my first song with the English version of Miku, and hopefully I get better with her in the future. The lyrics could be able the story of an angel in heaven looking earthward, but it could also be something else. You decide.

Confined within these bleached walls
Untold eons have I waited here
And when I walked these hallowed halls
Not even once did I shed a tear

And even through those apertures
Now and then would I deign to peer
So chromatic were those creatures
And yet I’d feel not an ounce of fear

Thus one day did I reach out
For the key inside of me
Joining within and without
A sign of future liberty

Now as I soar above chaotic oceans
To the world I render all of my ebullient emotions

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