Lyrics: zalas
Composition: zalas
Arrangement: zalas
Vocals: GUMI
Date Created: 2013/08/05

This song is about the ornithopter on the surface, and the main theme is about how even if you walk a separate path from those who eventually succeed, it is not a mistake on your part and that you will still eventually reach new lands. For the music, I tried to make a freeform-ish track combining elements of drum’n'bass and electro.

Ajar to ages past, this door through which I spy
Against the skies they cast, absurd attempts to fly
Afloat with waxed wings, to test that raptor’s realms
And they descend, dead kings, left clutching cloven helms

And on through endless years, this road on which they tread
Amidst the countless fears, along this timeless thread
Awash with dogged drive, within Ambrose’s lands
Adept yet he will strive, with deft yet futile hands

On and on and on they fought, as empires fell to soft strides
Off the mark they toiled for naught, as chicks flew over tense tides
Ornithopter, how you sing, and yet ring not the heavens
Only onwards, tottering, towards due destinations

Open seas you reach at last, yet do you still remember
Odysseys of twinkles past, now everywhere forever

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