Original Song: from Touhou series ⓒ Team Shanghai Alice
Composition: ZUN
Arrangement: zalas
Date Created: 2009/11/05

I decided to make an arrangement combining the theme songs of the big sister characters from the Touhou series of games. The list of songs I used:
Gengetsu’s theme “Kawaii Akuma ~ Innocence” from Lotus Land Story
Remilia Scarlet’s theme “Naki Oujo no Tame no Septet” from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Lunasa Prismriver (and her merry little sisters)’s theme “Yuurei Gakudan ~ Phantom Ensemble” from Perfect Cherry Blossom
Shizuha Aki’s theme(?) “Hitokoishi Kamisama ~ Romantic Fall” from Mountain of Faith
Satori Komeiji’s theme “Shoujo Satori ~ 3rd eye” from Subterranean Animism

Download: MP3

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