Posted on 2014/08/09

Oh man, it’s been ages since the last post, sorry about that >< Been way too busy...
I guess I made around 9 songs or so since the last post, so if you want to hear them, they can be found on this website or on my YouTube channel.

Actually what I wanted to talk about today is that I’m going to Comiket for the first time as a VOCALOID circle, and I’m putting out a freeform hardcore-ish album with vocals by IA.
It’ll be distributed on the third day in east hall, at table (katakana) YO-51b for 500 JPY a copy. If you’re curious, I’ve uploaded a crossfade of the album as well as one of the songs. Please enjoy.

Crossfade→niconico YouTube SoundCloud
THIS ILLUSION UFO’r'IAnnealed→niconico YouTube

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