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miku’s birthday

Posted on 2013/09/01

Well, these past few days have been quite eventful!

We held an informal screening of Magical Mirai as part of anime club, although we had a lot of problems with the network disconnecting at inopportune moments. Overall it was pretty fun and it was a lot of new songs!

I also attended STGCC and managed to get autographs from redjuice, kz and Yuyoyuppe a.k.a. DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. The live DJ performance capping off the event was a blast although I got super worn out from it.

And of course Miku’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without my making a song for her. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to make an English song, since the English voice bank would come out on her birthday. Little did I know that this was the start of a comedy of errors. After managing to put in about 20 hours of work into the song off-and-on throughout the weekend, I feel so defeated but at least I finished the song, if not a bit late. So please enjoy!

clavis (niconico) (YouTube)

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