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Posted on 2013/03/09

Oh man, I haven’t updated this page in over a month!
How’s everyone’s Miku Day going?
Well, there was a concert in Wakayama that I obviously couldn’t attend, but I did manage to attend the Sapporo concert last month!
It was really fun (and especially with a set-list that started off with a bang), and it was also really great to meet everyone at the after party.
By the way, I burned 39 demo CDs to hand out at the party, and although these CDs could technically hold 74 minutes, I only put a minute and a half worth of music on each >_>
It was a race against time and I even had to do the assembly and labeling on the plane to Japan, haha.
What I put on it was a short tune called negibanashi prototype, which was my first attempt at making drum’n'bass.
And well, today I finished making the full version.
I still don’t know if it’s really drum’n'bass, but… XD
Anyway, if you’re interested, please check it out!
negibanashi (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)

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  • zeo

    I had a lot of fun meeting you and your roommates! :) The call book came in handy when we wanted to follow along to the songs while watching the 39’s Giving Day concert in the hotel room~~ Thanks for the shirts as well. :D

  • R2D2

    I watched the Mikunopolice video from Nico rebroadcast in Japan. We found that you are standig and dancing nearly front at the concert. Are you a correct person who was wearing Red (T)-shirt and shaking the chemical light (and pen light?) in your both hand?
    We tentatively name you as a Red T-shirt as a nick name since it was difficult to find.
    By the way, are you one of the VIP guests who were sitting in the front rows?
    Do you able to read Japanese?
    Thank you for cheering but not too much.

  • car.ess

    Glad you liked the book! Were the T-shirts big enough?


  • R2D2

    Thank you for your reply.
    Which state or city are you writing from?
    Your illustration in your PDF (unofficial call book) is very cute.
    Here is some extra unofficial illustration.

  • R2D2

    Your contribution at the MIKUNOPOLIS concert become little famous in our community in Japan. (May be other too.) Did you that know before?
    What kind music do you like?
    By the way, are you interested in following 2ch board/chat room in Japan?
    Channel 2 , Mikunopolice site, thread 37

  • zeo

    Yeah, they’re big enough. Thanks again!

    zalas, you’re so famous now! :)

  • car.ess


  • PPP


  • touno


  • R2D2

    Are you going to Mikupa Singapore? I found some photo of tickets in your tweet accidentally. I’m not sure Singapore is similar quality to Sapporo.

    I think you dance too much in front of the screen while VIP are sitting. As you already know, the red light reflected too much on the screen according to other comment. It may take large effort to remove digitally.

    Do you like this anison except service part? ww