miku no hi

Posted on 2012/03/09

Happy Miku day everyone! I hope those of you who watched the two VOCALOID concerts enjoyed them!

In celebration for today and the three days leading up to it, I decided to polish up some of my songs and do a quadruple release! As some of you may know, I apparently won the Vocalekt Visions 2nd remix contest with a happy hardcore remix of their GUMI track, Overseas Travels. I decided to fix up my entry and uploaded an extended remix version!

I’ve also fixed up the singing in Sing Any Song, since that was kind of too high pitched, and fixed up the mix as well. Recently, I put two new songs on Nico, a trance song with the new VOCALOID3 IA -ARIA ON THE PLANETES- and a denpa happy hardcore song with Miku using VOCALOID3.

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