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Posted on 2011/12/14

I decided to try my hand at Japanese technopop and made a new VOCALOID song. Originally I kind of wanted to enter the 3rd DIVA Arcade song contest, where you could get your song into DIVA Arcade if it won. However, this time they made it that you had to also make a music video for it. Since I had no time to do that, I decided to just upload the song for now. Please have a listen if you got a chance.
eyecATch (nm16427846)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)

Oh yeah, I also entered Vocalekt Visions‘ second remix contest, where I attempted to make a happy hardcore version of their GUMI song, Overseas Travels. If you like, you can take a look at their remix contest website.
Vocalekt Visions Vocaloid Remix Contest #2 (my entry)

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