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Singapore viewing of the Mikupa Sapporo concert

Posted on 2011/11/06

They held viewings of the Mikupa Sapporo concert at GV Plaza in Singapore yesterday. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I decided to go check it out.

At first, they had allocated theater 8 (which seats 226) for a showing at 9pm, but they sold out roughly a week beforehand, so they added another showing at 7pm in theater 10 (which seats 148). This new showing also sold out by morning of the day of the showing.

GV Plaza is located on the top floor of the gigantic mall Plaza Singapura. Looking up from the basement, the mall looks like this:
Plaza Singapura

For each showing, they held an event an hour beforehand, where they passed out flyers for MIKUBOOK and KarenT as well as LED glowsticks. The glowsticks were unfortunately red and thin, and the red color was most likely to fit in with the decor of Golden Village’s decor. There was also a Miku cosplayer at the event with glowing LEDs on her skirt and arm. This is probably what they meant by “meet and greet” in the event description. People took pictures of her and also posed with her. They also gave out posters at this event, but only one poster per pair of tickets. Since I am forever alonewas by myself, I couldn’t get one. Oh well… After this, people kind of lounged around for half an hour because there was nothing else to do before the showing. A cameraman from supposedly a news agency came by and recorded footage of the crowd as well as footage of people taking pictures of the Miku cosplayer.
Mikupa Sapporo Live Viewing BoothMikupa Sapporo Theatre Viewing LineMikupa Sapporo Live Viewing CosplayerMikupa Sapporo Live Viewing Cosplayer 2Mikupa Sapporo Live Viewing IdlingMikupa Sapporo Live Viewing Idling 2

(Ignore the leeks; they are meerly delusions, symptoms of a Miku infection.)

They let people into the theater at 8:50pm and started showing at 9:05-ish. They first showed an ad for MIKUBOOK which I thought was really well done. They then showed a video logo of Live Viewing Japan, the company that organized and distributed for this set of showings of the Sapporo Mikupa concert. After this, they started showing the actual show.

The first song, 01_ballade, used the Miku Append model and was very beautiful, especially the flowing hair. The wings part in Albino was also pretty cool and people in the theater cheered wildly after seeing it. When the first notes of Rolling Girl played, one guy in the audience was like “It’s Rolling Girl!” At this point, looking at the footage, I feel that Sapporo’s audience was a lot more relaxed than the Tokyo audience. They seem to have gotten the basic back beat cheer working but totally failed at PPPH except for one or two songs. Oh well, back to talking about the rest of the song…

The camera work and special effects they used in the editing for Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro was really nice; it really conveyed an eery, messed-up world. By the way, the free red lights they gave us worked really well with this song due to the color scheme, so I guess they had a use after all… XD;

The apperances of Rin and Len also garnered a lot of cheering (although I think afterwards, there was wild cheering anytime a character appeared again. Maybe the Miku and Luka fans didn’t want to be outdone? ;) In any case, the theatre audience did sing along with Len in Fire Flower, but unfortunately the double claps for Aku no Musume weren’t that well executed. It’s supposed to be for the 1st, 2nd and 8th measure of the chorus, so I guess it was hard to figure out?

Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki and Hatsune Miku no Gekishou were also recognized by the audience as soon as the first notes started playing. I really liked the performance of the latter and the appearance of wings for a second time also got the theatre audience going. It’s too bad they cut out the segment of her playing with her halo, though…

Afterwards came Luka’s turn. I’m glad they used actual versions of RIP=RELEASE and Luka Luka Night Fever instead of shortened medley versions. The theatre audience also happily sung along to the first few words of the chorus of the latter, which was great.

I really dig the song Watashi no Jikan song (since I’m old orz), but it looks like the people in the theatre didn’t really recognize the song. However, the people in Sapporo really dug the song as well and there was ample cheering and calls for the tune. For Singapore, PoPiPo and Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo were more popular, as well as Yellow. I really liked the Melt cannon (although I don’t think they’ll be able to do something like that for AFA) and everyone sung along to Melt just like in Japan. Encore cheering was also present in the theatre, although I think the pronunciation was a bit odd at times. After the encore and the two songs, I really liked how they got all the VOCALOIDs on stage together for the finale. The audience in Sapporo waving at the camera afterwards was also pretty cool, hehe. After the end credits started rolling (with flashback vignettes), people started leaving; I think the Miku cosplayer and the entourage escaped first before the big crowd. XD

Well then, next week is the real thing. I also need to preorder that BluRay… Wait, they sold out of the Amazon special packaging version? orz

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  • R2D2

    Thank you for your interesting report of the live viewing of Miku Concert.
    Photographs of Singapore are also good.
    By the way, did you go to Singapore to see “Live viewing concert”?
    Are you still in Singapore?
    Is Singapore is rapidly growing country? I only heard about it.

  • car.ess

    @1 (R2D2)
    Glad you liked the report. I actually moved to Singapore and I am living here now for the foreseeable future. Singapore has a lot of population growth; they’re building new government housing for people to live in. Housing prices have also gone up a lot recently. Public transportation here is very good, but I still miss the Yamanote Line from when I went to Tokyo.