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Posted on 2011/08/31

Hey, it’s Miku’s birthday today! Happy birthday!
And in celebration, I’ve finished a new song. This was started a year ago, and I had entered a short version for one of the Project DIVA Arcade contests. Now the full version is done!

psylumik (nm15467817)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)(NicoNico)

Also looking forward to the MIKUNOPOLIS Blu-Ray that got announced today.

Oh, and I also had lots of fun at the 2011 J-Pop Summit Festival!

Day 1…

I played Project DIVA Arcade for the first time and decided to try melody… at NORMAL difficulty and Packaged at HARD. I cleared both of them, with about 78% completion rate for melody… and around 70% for Packaged, but the latter had some moments where I barely managed to squeeze by. People lined up and took turns playing songs; each song cost $1. Since the line was still fairly long, I didn’t play all that much. I did see someone attempt PoPiPo on EXTREME but he failed about halfway through. Someone did manage to clear a song on EXTREME according to this post on NEOGAF…

In addition to lining up for the arcade, I also bought ZANEEDS’s US-only CD for $15 (A good bargain, since it has 11 songs on it!) I also bought a for-charity T-shirt that had the new Miku Japantown design on it for $20.

Next up was the DANCEROID performance. They performed six songs in total, I believe, twice as many as their Anime Expo 2011 performance, which I missed. I really liked the Strobo Nights and Luka Luka Night Fever performances, although the grinding parts in Twinkle Twinkle were a crowd favorite ;) The scaffolding for the banner actually fell over during Kozue’s Luka Luka Night Fever but it’s amazing that she continued on without a hitch and delivered a great performance.

After the DANCEROID performance was a DJ dance event. It was great exercise and dancing next to ZANEED’s PPRP for PoPiPo was very amusing and fun!

Day 1 closed with the VIP Party at New People. It was technically only open to sponsors from their KickStarter campaign who contributed $20 or more. These sponsors also received a Miku x Hello Kitty keychain. However, they decided to open it up by selling tickets at $20 each as well. At the party was the Project DIVA machine (which was now free to play) as well as free alcohol and food. There were also various events as well, such as Ikura’s birthday event. On the third floor was the exclusive VIP Lounge, which was only open to press, guests of the organizers of the festival and $100+ donors to the Kickstarter campaign. The food was better and I managed to talk with some friends, but unfortunately I missed said birthday event <_<;

Day 2...

I decided to take it easy on the second day and attended fewer events. First was the Vocaloid Conference, which had Brian Fisk as the host and ZANEEDS, DANCEROID and Bay Area VOCALOID producer Tempo-P. Many interesting things were said, including license issues with using VOCALOID as well as corporate presence in the VOCALOID ecosystem. I found it amusing that apparently ZANEEDS turned down offers to have their music featured on Project DIVA Arcade, since they believe in a more democratic ecosystem where songs are judged by merit instead of by amount of publicity. At the end, I managed to score a CD of Tempo-P's latest album. Thanks, Tempo-P!

After the conference, my friends and I went to see the DANCEROID competition, where a dozen or so contestants danced their heart out on stage in order to win prizes from DANCEROID. The two contestants I thought did pretty well didn't end up winning anything. Oh well... The winner got to perform Strobo Nights with DANCEROID and I cheered them along with my glow stick, hehe. By the way, there was one male contestant dressed up as KAITO, who performed First kiss in a "KAITO-ish" way... He got the Best of Show prize for that. XD

The event closed out with another DJ event by AMAYA and ZANEEDS. Good times were had.

The loot this time:

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