Oh man, I totally haven’t updated this page in months… Well, a lot has happened…
Well, first off, I went to Anime Expo 2012 and got to meet Tamiyasu Tomoe in person! To welcome her, I made a song called makinano using VOICEROID+ Tamiyasu Tomoe and handed it to her on a CD at the [...]


( Originals )

Here’s a new song that’s kind of chiptune-sounding. I made it in order to cheer on Tone Rion, who hasn’t gotten all that many songs. Please enjoy.
→Secret Stage (sm17841979) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)


( Originals )

I made a new technopop song! This time’s a duet with Miku and IA!
→kuMiAI (sm17492399) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

miku no hi

( Originals and Remix )

Happy Miku day everyone! I hope those of you who watched the two VOCALOID concerts enjoyed them!
In celebration for today and the three days leading up to it, I decided to polish up some of my songs and do a quadruple release! As some of you may know, I apparently won the Vocalekt [...]

Happy (future?) New Year!

( Originals )

Happy New Year everyone! Celebrate with this new “anime song” sounding VOCALOID track!
→Sing Any Song (nm16577648)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)


( Originals )

Merry Christmas everyone! I tried my hand at making a song using only the hirajoshi pentatonic scale.
→mYth fragment ThunderSnake (nm16513932)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)


( Originals and Remix )

I decided to try my hand at Japanese technopop and made a new VOCALOID song. Originally I kind of wanted to enter the 3rd DIVA Arcade song contest, where you could get your song into DIVA Arcade if it won. However, this time they made it that you had to also make a [...]


Hey, it’s Miku’s birthday today! Happy birthday!
And in celebration, I’ve finished a new song. This was started a year ago, and I had entered a short version for one of the Project DIVA Arcade contests. Now the full version is done!
→psylumik (nm15467817)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)(NicoNico)
Also looking forward to the MIKUNOPOLIS Blu-Ray that got announced today.
Oh, [...]

new songs

Had some time to finish up a few tracks! Enjoy!
→Orange Sky (Citric Style)(nm14707580)(SoundCloud)
→Amazon Pie Bounce(nm14708051)(SoundCloud)
→Through the Prism(nm14708408)(SoundCloud)


( Originals )

I wanted to participate in the Project DIVA Arcade music contest, so I made a short version of the Miku song “psylumik” that I was working on currently.