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( Site News )

Haven’t really had much time to update this website lately, so please check Twitter for the latest info. Also be sure to follow my YouTube, niconico and SoundCloud! Thanks!

Site Design

( Site News )

I decided to mess around with the stylesheet a bit and added some custom images, including a picture of my ReMOTE 25 for the masthead. Hope you like it!

Did they reach you?

I’ve finished working on another song. This time, it’s an arrangement of songs from Leaf’s darker psychothriller games – Shizuku, Kizuato and Kusari. Please listen to KUROHA when you get a chance. Thanks.

Suwako x Cirno is my justice!

I’ve added a new song! Please have a listen to Tomboy Faith.

Songs added

I have managed to add all the songs I can at the moment. Please take a look by visiting the song information page and you can get information about these songs as well as listen to and/or download them.