Oh man, it’s been ages since the last post, sorry about that >< Been way too busy…
I guess I made around 9 songs or so since the last post, so if you want to hear them, they can be found on this website or on my YouTube channel.

Actually what I wanted to talk about [...]


→Dango Fields (nm16138493)(SoundCloud)
Wow, I guess I finally had a chance to write up a post about the 11/11/11 song I made on the iPad and released on Nico Nico Douga. In the anime (and visual novel) CLANNAD, the lead heroine Nagisa had a penchant for dango, little rice flour balls. In the show [...]


I finished an arrangement of Michi no Hana Michi no Tabi, a song from the CD of the same name that was released at Reitaisai by Team Shanghai Alice. I actually wasn’t able to make it in time to buy the CD, but thankfully, ZUN gave me one in exchange for the bottle of [...]


I tried making a happy hardcore track again; this time it’s an arrangement of ai*tora from We, Without Wings.


Well, today is Day of Hardcore (8/5 can be pronounced “ha ko” in Japanese) and I decided to spend today working on a new song. It so happens that August 5 is also Sacchin’s (from Twinkle Crusaders) birthday, so this song is about her. Unfortunately, she has no actual theme song in the [...]

new songs

Had some time to finish up a few tracks! Enjoy!
→Orange Sky (Citric Style)(nm14707580)(SoundCloud)
→Amazon Pie Bounce(nm14708051)(SoundCloud)
→Through the Prism(nm14708408)(SoundCloud)


So yeah… the trial version for the latest Touhou game came out, and so I decided to make an arrangement of its title music, since I’m a closet(?) Youmu fan…
→YoYo (nm14175372)


I guess it’s been a while! I’ve been really busy these past few months and haven’t had much time to finish up songs. However, I decided today to make a new song for stress relief. Enjoy!
→Twinkle Twinkle(nm14041131)
By the way, I actually started using Twitter a while back under the handle “hightrancesea” and [...]


I’ve uploaded a new song! This time’s an arrangement of the original song version of Bad Apple!!. Since it’s “Apple”, I tried very hard and drew the background image in Keynote.
→Rad Apple!!(nm12861920)


I was told by Blasterhead that people rarely make arrangements of songs from Project Navel’s games so I decided I wanted to make yet another one. This time, I took a shot at arranging the opening theme to SHUFFLE!, called Mirage Lullaby. If you’re interested, please have a listen! I’ve also uploaded [...]