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Was playing around with unfiltered squares in Reason…
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soul nanocar pt.2

AstCd2 from Mikanya drew some artwork for me and thus I uploaded Dusk Sky onto Nico Nico Douga!


I tried making a new 303-ish patch in Reason as well as a 909-ish kick drum patch and a phat rough bass patch.
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Woke up in the morning and played around with some new kick and bass patches…
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When I heard the drone of the Vuvuzelas, I thought to myself “wait a minute, isn’t this just a supersaw?” and made this short little song (Sorry


I made a short version of Heartcore’s Youkai Girl for this StepMania stepfile project called Project KK. The entire song pack has just been released, so if you’re interested in DDR or Koishi, please go take a look!.
I recently bought the iPhone version of Propellerhead ReBirth. The interface is a bit hard to [...]


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This totally reminds me of a certain game OP…


Since I can’t really draw, I just made a basic PV for Orchard View. Keynote sure is useful!


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more shuffle

Speaking of shuffle, the last two songs I made were both made using the Shuffle parameter in Reason’s ReGroove Mixer, something I learned recently. Shuffle basically twiddles the timing of sixteenth notes a bit to add a “swing groove” feel to the rhythm. To demonstrate, here’s a segment of Five Flowers with various [...]