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Hey everyone! Long time no see! Sorry I had kind of slacked off on the webpage updating thing. I was sort of just going to a different live concert each month these past few months.
For September, it was AFA Indonesia. Mainly went to go see LiSA and KOTOKO. KOTOKO’s set [...]


Oh man, I totally haven’t updated this page in months… Well, a lot has happened…
Well, first off, I went to Anime Expo 2012 and got to meet Tamiyasu Tomoe in person! To welcome her, I made a song called makinano using VOICEROID+ Tamiyasu Tomoe and handed it to her on a CD at the [...]

Singapore viewing of the Mikupa Sapporo concert

They held viewings of the Mikupa Sapporo concert at GV Plaza in Singapore yesterday. Since I haven’t seen it yet, I decided to go check it out.


Recently, I received an iPad2 as a present from a great friend of mine (thanks for the awesome gift!), so I’ve had a chance to try out several music-making apps. My general impression is that some of these apps are good, but overall the collection of apps I found are just borderline mature enough [...]


Hey, it’s Miku’s birthday today! Happy birthday!
And in celebration, I’ve finished a new song. This was started a year ago, and I had entered a short version for one of the Project DIVA Arcade contests. Now the full version is done!
→psylumik (nm15467817)(SoundCloud)(PIAPRO)(NicoNico)
Also looking forward to the MIKUNOPOLIS Blu-Ray that got announced today.
Oh, [...]


Finished upgrading to Reason 5 and tried playing around with the new Kong drum synth.
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Okay, I know it’s kind of late, but here’s my con report about Anime Expo 2011 and MIKUNOPOLIS.

It's out!

Black Sheep Symphony finally released its TYPE-MOON doujin shoot’em up game called Type A. I made the BGM for the second level, final boss and for when you clear a level. If you’re interested, please give it a shot!


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I played around with some square waves…
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