Posted on 2015/08/05

Haven’t really had much time to update this website lately, so please check Twitter for the latest info. Also be sure to follow my YouTube, niconico and SoundCloud! Thanks!

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Posted on 2014/08/09

Oh man, it’s been ages since the last post, sorry about that >< Been way too busy...
I guess I made around 9 songs or so since the last post, so if you want to hear them, they can be found on this website or on my YouTube channel.

Actually what I wanted to talk about today is that I’m going to Comiket for the first time as a VOCALOID circle, and I’m putting out a freeform hardcore-ish album with vocals by IA.
It’ll be distributed on the third day in east hall, at table (katakana) YO-51b for 500 JPY a copy. If you’re curious, I’ve uploaded a crossfade of the album as well as one of the songs. Please enjoy.

Crossfade→niconico YouTube SoundCloud
THIS ILLUSION UFO’r'IAnnealed→niconico YouTube

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miku’s birthday

Posted on 2013/09/01

Well, these past few days have been quite eventful!

We held an informal screening of Magical Mirai as part of anime club, although we had a lot of problems with the network disconnecting at inopportune moments. Overall it was pretty fun and it was a lot of new songs!

I also attended STGCC and managed to get autographs from redjuice, kz and Yuyoyuppe a.k.a. DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. The live DJ performance capping off the event was a blast although I got super worn out from it.

And of course Miku’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without my making a song for her. Well, I thought it would be a good idea to make an English song, since the English voice bank would come out on her birthday. Little did I know that this was the start of a comedy of errors. After managing to put in about 20 hours of work into the song off-and-on throughout the weekend, I feel so defeated but at least I finished the song, if not a bit late. So please enjoy!

clavis (niconico) (YouTube)


Posted on 2013/08/08

Alright, a promo video for Kesa no Koibanashi, which comes with a sneak peak at the songs included in the CD, has been uploaded. Please enjoy.



Posted on 2013/08/05

Well, it certainly has been a long time, hasn’t it?
Sorry I haven’t been able to keep this up to date, and I’ve been rather busy as of late. However, I did do some music-related stuff that I figure I should say here.

First, my track iGniTion got selected to be added to the Hatsune Miku GT Project Theme Song Collection 2013 album! Thanks to the judges for picking it! It comes out on August 14 in Japan, right after Comiket. I made a few tweaks for the album version, so please check it out if you get a chance.

Speaking of Comiket, I just finished two songs today for a CD that I’m looking to pass out as a bonus goodie for people who buy a book from Kesa no Koibanashi, a circle my friends and I formed. We actually managed to get in to Comiket this time ^^; We will be at table (hiragana ru)-11b on day 1, and I’m working on a promo video for the book, so hopefully that’ll get done soon.

And lastly, well today IS Day of Hardcore (August 5), so I figured I’d upload something related. I had originally entered the GUMI MUSIC CONTEST 2013 with a freeform-ish track using Megpoid English. Unfortunately, it did not manage to win, so I figured now’s as good a time as any to upload the song. Haven’t had time to work on a video, so this song is going to only be on this site for the time being. Enjoy…


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Posted on 2013/04/01

Finally bought the retail verison of Megpoid English and decided to do a quick song with it. Was aiming for a club song feel but somehow ended up making psy-trance instead. Please enjoy.
pH1 (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)


Posted on 2013/03/18

Whew, barely made it in time! (been only a week since my last upload) Had to submit a song by the deadline for the 2013 Hatsune Miku GT Project Theme Song Contest. It’s a freeform track with lyrics about well, getting lit on fire (both figuratively and literally). Hope you like it!
iGniTion (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)

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negi story

Posted on 2013/03/09

Oh man, I haven’t updated this page in over a month!
How’s everyone’s Miku Day going?
Well, there was a concert in Wakayama that I obviously couldn’t attend, but I did manage to attend the Sapporo concert last month!
It was really fun (and especially with a set-list that started off with a bang), and it was also really great to meet everyone at the after party.
By the way, I burned 39 demo CDs to hand out at the party, and although these CDs could technically hold 74 minutes, I only put a minute and a half worth of music on each >_>
It was a race against time and I even had to do the assembly and labeling on the plane to Japan, haha.
What I put on it was a short tune called negibanashi prototype, which was my first attempt at making drum’n'bass.
And well, today I finished making the full version.
I still don’t know if it’s really drum’n'bass, but… XD
Anyway, if you’re interested, please check it out!
negibanashi (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)

s k aI

Posted on 2013/02/05

The demo version of Megpoid English came out the other day so I gave it a spin and made the following:
SKY -hiyoko stage- (niconico) (YouTube) (PIAPRO)

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Posted on 2013/01/27

Well, today marks the one year anniversary of IA’s arrival, so I made a new song (man, haven’t made any IA solo songs in some time now…) and it’s also trance(?) this time, although it’s kind of darker and grittier than before. Please enjoy!
through these eyes (niconico) (YouTube) (SoundCloud) (PIAPRO)

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